Nicholas Herbert Artist
Mixed media landscapes
I make small intimate mixed media landscapes that use my physical and emotional experiences of a place to capture the essence of the landscape, its enduring mass, transient atmospherics and ephemeral qualities of light. Integral to these works are ideas of the ancient, the mythic, the residual, permanence versus impermanence, decay and renaissance, solitude and exposure.

Works on show:
March 22 - April 1 2017, Royal Society of British Artists 300th Open, The Mall Galleries, London SW1.

June 24th - August 20th 2017, The Harley Biennial 2017
Sales: Alan Kluckow Fine Art, +44 (0)1344 875296

Selected Works 2013 - 2017
Landscapes 2013 - 2015
Landscapes 2016 - 2017
Landscapes Lake Garda Series
Landscape L763 Nicholas Herbert
Landscape L946 Nicholas Herbert
Landscape L926 Nicholas Herbert Lake Garda Series
Recent Works on Paper
Landscape L995, Winter Fields, The Chiltern Hills.
20 x 15cm. 2017. Mixed media on paper.
Landscape L996, Winter Landscape near Telegraph Hill, The Chiltern Hills.
18 x 13cm. 2017. Mixed media on paper.     |     All rights reserved ©2016